About Tisva
TISVA, inspired by the concept of Tvisa (light) and Tattva (essence) was launched in April 2014. True to its name, Tisva goes beyond ordinary lighting concepts and brings forth a collection of aesthetic luminaires designed with love to illuminate contemporary homes. Tisva is an addition to the diversified portfolio of Usha International Limited.

TISVA’s collections are a peek into the future of lighting, allowing consumers to indulge their emotions and play with light. The philosophy of beauty behind every piece combines with cutting edge technology to showcase inspirational lighting; where hues and colours can be changed from pure white to warm yellow and brightness modulated according to moods.

The brand’s uniquely designed products include LED designer range, Chandeliers, Wall Lights, Mood lighting, Pendants and Utility products including CFLs, LED Lamps, T5 Battens and Downlights. Designed with little ones in mind, Tisva has an exciting range of playful lights catering specially to kids. Each piece meets the brand’s high quality standards and at the same time is environment friendly.

TISVA’s tag line ‘Feel the warmth. See the light’ applies not just to the brand’s product but also to the exclusive spaces where they will be showcased. Thus, the brand’s exclusive showrooms are a tribute to the Art of Illumination, with each store featuring customized experience zones. These zones will enable patrons to see, touch and feel the diverse range of world-class home designer lighting concepts. The distinctive ambience created by every style, colour and tone of light will let a customer choose the best lighting narrative for his or her own home.